"The origins of this project trace back to the summers of my childhood - spent in the pristine idyllic parts of northern Moldova, in a village untouched by modernity, a place where life on and with the land continues its habitual course, a rural world where nature is not mastered but part of the harmony of daily life.  I grew up among genuine people, anchored in the reality and traditions of village life and in the organic rhythms of the place.

The imagery featured here is inspired and rooted in the nature and landscapes of that world, in the traditional folk themes of the region and the events and memories of my childhood, all digested and translated into our current context. My admiration for the sacred geometry in nature, runes and primitive cave drawings inspires my stylized approach and my efforts to capture and focus on the essence of the subject matter.  I am also captivated by the stylized geometry, vitality and colour of African folk art and by the thematic richness of Indian and S-E Asian folk art, as well by contemporary Nordic (Finnish especially) graphic design rooted in folkloric imagery.  These are sources of constant inspiration for my present work.  Through this project, I try to explore the complexity of global decorative art (with a view to folk and traditional motifs) and seek to import the essence of the common themes into my work.

To cite a former professor of mine: "The first great designer was the one who invented the sewing needle because that is the tool that allowed instinct to transition into intelligence, and the utilitarian into the aesthetic."  As such, I try to discover and form my unique style in the existing spectrum of decorative design.  In the process, I hope that my training as an architect will balance my contemplative predisposition towards wonderment, to render clarity and consistency to my work.

This site is intended to be a micro-portfolio offering a variety of graphics and images I have created over time and which are rooted in the folkloric styles and philosophy mentioned above.  The offerings are available for purchase in a variety of mediums that will hopefully satisfy the aesthetic and enhance the practical."

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